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Meet the Artist

             My name is Paris Renea’. I am a painter and elementary school Art teacher. In fifth grade, I painted a picture of two horses drinking water from a puddle in the woods. At that time, I thought it was the most beautiful painting I had ever seen or created. After creating that painting, I received an epiphany. I was going to be an artist. I no longer liked art. I had fallen in love with art. Art soon became my favorite subject in school. Today art is the subject of my life.


            Once I found my passion for art, it was not until I attended Lander University where I discovered a passion for painting. Lips became a theme that I developed and incorporated in my paintings. I have a fetish for lip gloss and I am infatuated with the ability to decorate lips with various applications. Lips are also significant in relationships, cultures, and everyday life.


            In less than two weeks,after graduating from Lander University, I attended Coastal Carolina University. I received a Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.). Upon graduating from CCU, I moved to Georgia and began my teaching career.


            I am passionate with the artistic process and the product it creates which is art. I constantly explore new ideas to implement in my artwork. All of my paintings are a reflection of my thoughts, ideas, and expressions of life. I have no limitations; I am an artist.

Paris Renea'
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