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Artist Statement


      The paintings I create derive from the expressions of life. Death and life are in the power of the tongue. I create an awareness of the cage that imprisons a mighty power. Lips are essential to concealing the power of life and death. Its position for expression alone can give a prelude to what that weapon may compose. Each painting exercises the brain into thinking differently at how we view human lips while the eyes move around the piece acknowledging a creative new way to bring this subject forward.


      The goal of texture has been accomplished in a majority of pieces aiding the viewer in identifying the subject matter and technique, or allowing the mind to view the piece in another perspective. When the shape of lips are used, the distortion of the elements of art allows the piece to become more compelling to the viewer. I am fascinated with all techniques of painting which results in every piece provoking a conversation on its own.


      The changes in my thought process becomes evident when I myself see the difference between the rough draft and the outcome. My best work comes from the inspiration of nature and my personal fetish of lips. Planning is an essential part in creating something new; however, sometimes it is skipped which leads to great discoveries.


      I am greatly satisfied with my work when I can obtain a new meaning from a painting other than what was originated from the initial creation. The ultimate result in painting is when I become a viewer and bring forth my own interpretation as if I have never seen the painting before. Many of my pieces have an organic quality that flows with a sense of unity. My methodology is consistent as it is linked through subject matter. As an artist, I embrace multiple techniques and artistic processes. I refuse to “stick to what I know” I will create what I love and that is art.


      It is not intended for each painting to be understood by every viewer. It is intended for the viewer to have his or her own interpretation and by chance, find him or herself relating to the painting being viewed. The true meaning of the painting belongs to the artist. That information may or may not be shared with the viewer.


      To have lips is to conceal life and death. Lips are essential to existing. Along with teeth, lips conceal the most powerful weapon. Control the fire within by controlling how often, when, and where your lips part. Art to Appreciate. Art to Love.


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